DTP events


We are an event and party organization based in Athens, Greece. Our philosophy and aim are to invite and present both national and international artists who produce and/or play contemporary electronic music for an open-minded and progressive audience. Downtempo Paintings events are dedicated to the wonderful spectrum of downtempo music, including ambient, chillout, psychill, dub, dubtech, lo-fi, and much more.

Downtempo Paintings started as an event series at ‘IT, The Place’ in Athens in 2014, and we will continue hosting smaller events (up to 300 people) as well as larger events (up to 1000 people), including special lineups with national and international downtempo live acts and DJs. Our plan is to present Downtempo Paintings in Athens and potentially in a few other locations in Greece.”

“we love what we do, we love what we are, our religion of choice is music.”

Deep Tech Paintings​

is is our younger event label, which is dedicated to contemporary dance music – from deep house to tech house and progressive house.

We love it deep; we love what we are. Our religion of choice is music.

We dance the nights away; our temple of choice is the dancefloor. We love our state of mind, we color up the nights, and paint our lives!”

We are DTP - constantly growing and in love with contemporary music

Georgios Rafailis

Founder and Head of DTP Events

George Paliouras

Management, Production

Yannis Raouzaios

Press, Public Relations, Distribution

Vivian Gerogianni

Photography, Video Creator

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