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Important Announcement Event 21.10.2023

we are in the very unfortunate position of having to inform you that the event of 21.10.23 can not take place in the olympias rooftop, as the owner has suddenly decided against it.
he cancelled the event out of the blue saturday night, 16.9.23 and without any will of a meeting to find a solution or a compromise.
this is only because there were phone calls to the police from a neighbouring hotel 30 minutes before the end of the last sunset session – because of the ‚loud music. nothing else.

unfortunately this is not under our control and it is not our fault / we also had all papers and licences needed fot the event – there is nothing that we can do against this decision.

we are looking for alternative locations for the event, on other rooftops, outdoors and / or indoors.
the tickets you have bought remain valid.
more informations & updates: FB Event Page