DTP events


POSTPONED!! Dear friends of DTP events We are sorry but we are in the unfortunate position to announce the postponement of the event which was scheduled to take place on Sunday 19.05.24! We understand that this postponement is something that will sadden the loyal fans of DTP events who so much support our effort with their constant presence at our eavents. Unfortunately however this event will have to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Due to an internal miscommunication by our partners of the great bear rooftop there is still an event scheduled for that weekend! This, as soon as we were informed, brought us to the dilemma of either changing the venue altogether, or postponing it! After a lot of thought, we decided on the second solution as both the change of location and the interference of the Greek Easter holidays, would add to the successful conduct of the event additional pressures, at a time when we had already changed the date from 18 to 19 May, by request of our partners of the Great Bear Rooftop. We tried really hard but we believe that the choice we made is the most correct one, respecting both the participating artists and their particular interests and- above all!-  our relationship with you, our audience – a relationship in which we would not allow the quality of an event to be compromised in the slightest. The postponed  event will be rescheduled and will now be organized by our partners of Great Bear Rooftop in collaboration with us as a presenting partner. All bought Tickets are being refunded accordingly. With immense appreciation and love to all of you! The DTP-Events production team