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ABOUT Yannis Raouzaios

Yannis is responsible for the press releases and conducting interviews related to DTP Events and the artists performing at these events. This involves creating engaging content that promotes the events and artists and coordinating interviews with relevant media outlets. He manages all contacts and relationships with press outlets, webzines, and radio stations. This includes reaching out to these media sources to secure coverage and promotion for DTP Events and the artists involved. Yannis and his dedicated team oversee the physical distribution of printed marketing materials, such as posters and flyers, for all DTP Events. This ensures that promotional material reaches the target audience effectively.

but let us tell you a bit more about yannis, let us give you an overview of notable roles and achievements:

Film Critic

Yannis is a film critic and is a member of the Hellenic Film Critics Association  (Fipresci). As a film critic, he likely reviews and analyzes films, providing insights and critiques that contribute to the understanding and appreciation of cinema.

Cultural Journalist

He is also a cultural journalist, which means he covers various aspects of culture, including art, literature, and entertainment. His work may involve writing articles, features, and reviews on cultural topics.

Poet and Writer

Yannis is a poet and writer, indicating his creative talents extend beyond journalism. He likely publishes poetry and written works that explore various themes and genres but also through famous bands of the Greek alternative scene (The Groove Machine, and other underground bands and collectives)

Media Collaborations

Yannis has collaborated with a range of magazines and media outlets, including “Futura,” “Proxima 23,” “Ozon,” “Conteiner,” “Sonic,” “Vox,” “Pyxida,” and “Ypovrixio.” These collaborations suggest his diverse interests and contributions to different publications.

Radio and Television

He has experience as a radio producer for Diavlos-10 radio station and has participated in Greek Television programs related to Cinema such us Taxithetis in the Greek National Television but also many other  programs related to cinema. This involvement in broadcasting allows him to share his insights and opinions with a wider audience.

Artistic Director

Yannis holds the role of artistic director for several cultural events and festivals, including the “Indie Free Festival,” “International Video Poetry Festival,” and a series of cultural events known as “Perivallonta Lexeon.” These positions indicate his involvement in curating and organizing cultural events.

Festival and Event Collaboration

He has been the artistic director of the Let Me Know Festival and the Cinematique series of events, suggesting his active involvement in curating and overseeing cultural festivals and programs.

Editorial Roles

Yannis serves as the chief editor for myfilm.gr and zoomout.gr, which are platforms dedicated to cinema and culture. He also collaborates with various other magazines and editions on topics related to cinema and culture.

Curator and Educator

Yannis organizes and hosts courses of lectures and open seminars on a wide range of topics, including philosophy, aesthetics, and political science. This role highlights his commitment to education and intellectual engagement.

Overall, Yannis Raouzaios is a prominent figure in the Greek cultural scene, contributing significantly to film criticism, cultural journalism, literature, and the organization of cultural events, but also a very active member of the Greek Underground and Alternative Music Scene. His diverse set of skills and interests makes him a valuable presence in the world of arts and culture in Athens, Greece but also internationally.